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The 22:22 Family is a Global Community that uses the faith based Liebusters tool for healing from emotional trauma. The outcome is freedom from repetitive negative states and emotions that have held you back.  Freedom to live an abundant and fulfilling life! 

The biblical inspiration for 22:22 Family comes from Isaiah 22:22 which is about changing culture through the realisation of the Kingdom of God.

We believe that:

  • God created ALL
  • God's Kingdom is available now
  • God's Kingdom is realised when as we live in truth and freedom

The 22:22 Family is a lie busting vehicle for those seeking truth on freedom's journey.

Liebusters (the world's most powerful freedom tool) was foretold by Shawn Boltz in 2012, part of this included reference to Isaiah 22:22  (see also Rev. 3:7 and  Mat. 16:19)...   

The key of the house of David
I will lay on his shoulder;
So he shall open, and no one shall shut;
And he shall shut, and no one shall open.                               Isaiah 22:22

When we piloted Liebusters training online in 2014, we had 222 people join from 22 countries, this seemed more than a coincidence.  I believe this means that Liebusters is a key that can unlock the Kingdom of God for people and for nations.  Indeed we have seen that this is the case!

In February 2019 Jonathan had a dream to set up a community of people committed to being family and administrating Heavenly governance over the earth, by learning and using the Liebusters tools. He felt this was confirmed when he awoke feeling very activated and noticed that the date was 2/22 or 22/2 depending on where you live. The very next thing he did was go to the bathroom and weigh myself and guess what? His digital scales recorded his weight as 222.2 pounds!

So he decided to act immediately and set up this network platform, for which he needed a domain name '2222.family' which he purchased for £17 which happens to be $22!

If you resonate with any of the above you are welcome to join us, you can stay for as long as you wish.

Member Benefits

  • Learn the most powerful freedom tool available

  • Grow in freedom, oneness and purpose

  • Help others to do the same

  • Experience Kingdom community

  • Be part of an incredible move of God

What You Get

  • Access to our private social network FREE

  • Access to a great like minded community FREE

  • Access to Courses (first one is FREE)

  • Access to Groups (PAID)

  • Access to weekly ZOOM meetings (PAID)

  • Access to content sorted by topic (FREE)




I am really glad I did the PRO, first I felt the FLO was enough for me, but this pushed me in much deeper, and having to learn the whole flow by heart is so good, not needing the paper anymore helps for better Liebust, it for sure enriched me, I just love to give Liebust, seeing the freedom and joy it brings is so beautiful. - KARIN

This course is an incredible tool that Jesus uses to free yourself and your generational bloodline from all hindrances and blockages to intimacy with Him. To go through it can only change your life and allow you to walk in freedom. - Cheryl 

This course is a wonderful step towards freedom . It is so thorough and direct, bringing such healing to our lives, so we may be involved with Holy Spirit to set others free. - Liz.

The FLO course is a wonderful experience if you are wanting to develop oneness, grow in glory and see others set free and connected. I felt this was a sharpening in both my own personal life and in God using me to help see others transformed. It has been a blessing to me, I've seen growth in the spirit and also more freedom in connecting in the glory. - Felicity. 

The FLO Course is so inclusive and every Liebust session covers so many areas. I have never experienced the cleansing of the blood line bringing such a freedom. I love how the goal and emphasis is on sonship....to come into the realms of Glory to see, hear, taste what the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are saying and doing.

The FLO course leads you gently step by step and enables you to learn to minister to others while being ministered to yourself as well. Each step is led by Holy Spirit and helps you learn to trust in Him and trust yourself because He is with you and in you. Whether giving or receiving you experience the tender mercy and loving kindness of our Lord. You also experience the intricacy and the majesty of the ways of the Father. Amazing.

Liebusters will not only transform your own life, your generational line, but also those with whom you share this tool. It is quick and easy to learn. I found Liebusters to be such a thorough and complete way of helping people gain freedom from past pain and trauma. There is no “digging” or retraumatizing from old wounds, just a gentle and profound way with Jesus leading the way to complete the healing. The lies that have been believed are busted quickly and thoroughly, and as Jesus replaces His truths people are transformed and able to walk out into their freedom and wholeness. It is so beautiful seeing the transformation so quickly in people’s lives as they receive the truth of how Father sees them and how He created them to be.


God reminded me that doing this course was not a race but a journey, however I did need to resist the urge to take a hoop jumping stance! I haven't been disappointed as Holy Spirit has given me the opportunity to let go of perfectionism and step more into the spirit of excellence which is a much lighter load! I found that re-reading the Liebusters book Chapter 6 onwards was particularly helpful to reinforce the learning.- Kiriwai.

I am really glad I did the PRO, first I felt the FLO was enough for me, but this pushed me in much deeper, and having to learn the whole flow by heart is so good, not needing the paper anymore helps for better Liebust, it for sure enriched me, I just love to give Liebust, seeing the freedom and joy it brings is so beautiful - Karin.

The Pro Course has helped me to grow more confident in the process of helping others to be set free. I have been amazed at the way God has moved in each Liebust I have done. It blesses me so much to see what God reveals each time and the freedom He gives with His truth. It has challenged me to grow outside my comfort zone. - Sue.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the community of new people I have got to know all over the world. I am so glad I have done the Pro course, when I finished Flo I was competent and confident to Lie Bust, but Pro has taken me to a new level of confidence and competence. I love knowing the Process Flow by heart and the freedom that gives me. I must admit, in the beginning I did not like the idea of doing a Lie Bust in an hour or under, but what you learn in this process is a life changer. I feel the Pro course has taken me to a better more professional level of achievement, which makes the whole experience of Lie Busting more enjoyable and powerful. - Jackie.


The overarching message of the GRO Course is to "expand your impact." The components of this course work together effectively to do just that. The "Biblical Foundation" section provides a secure base, pointing to Scriptural examples of God's people partnering with Holy Spirit in prayer to release God's truth and power on earth. The "Inspiration" lessons demonstrate "real life" applications of those Biblical truths. The technical requirements for course completion are explained clearly and concisely in the "Tech Section." Finally, "Expand Your Impact" offers a detailed description of the GRO process flow, videos of GRO liebusts in session, and structured opportunities for students to successfully organize and execute four group sessions. All of this course work is supported by feedback and encouragement through the weekly 22:22 family network meetings - Kathy 

Wow did the GRO course GROW me, it expanded my vision of being able to help more people, places and things at 1 time. There's power within groups, coming together, like minded for the same cause was very beautiful. - Kim 

If you are thinking about Gro my advice is DO IT! The live demos are a great way to learn and you can ask questions in your group.
There are some technical things to learn which Jonathan explains really clearly how to do them, in a video.
You will be amazed as the Holy Spirit gives you the topics He wants YOU to lie bust with your team. It is so powerful and so much fun doing it together as a group.
I have learned so much and feel as if a big door has opened wide for me. My confidence has grown during this course and my connections with other 22:22 family members is stronger. I am so glad I dived right in.
  - Glenda

 Through this course and by stepping out of my comfort zone I have grown in faith that God can use little old me in new ways. I've grown in confidence and trust that Jesus truly is the Senior Partner as I've joined with him to destroy the works of the enemy in my own and others lives.  - Hillary

Well set out and very thorough. - Alaric

The SHO course helps you see the variety of ways to lead a 22:22 Group. If you are not used to leading a group it will teach you the components of leadership, how to lead people on a journey of development and how to feedback to people their achievements. This should give you sufficient confidence to lead a group. - Kim.

The SHO course is available to anyone who wishes to help others grow spiritually. The course content is extremely rich. It includes all the aspects essential to Leadership Excellence. Great importance is placed on listening to the Holy Spirit, love for others, how to really listen, and how to be at ease and put participants at ease. If you have achieved the Liebusters GRO certificate then you can start Leadership because running a LB GRO meeting is already Leadership. As you walk through the LB SHO course you will feel more and more equipped to give excellent group meetings. - Francine.

I loved this course from start to finish. It's brilliant that it starts with looking at Jesus as a Leader, and encouraging us to selfie Liebust against any areas we don't feel aligned with. The teaching on how to lead a Group is great, and it was such a joy to lead a session with three groups. We never stop learning, but this has taken me to a place where I feel equipped to lead a Group. - Linden.

The SHO course really upleveled my Liebuster game. I've been doing individual and group liebusts, but this made me really press into the professionalism and brand consistency of Liebusters. As a leader, I am now responsible for the growth and engagement of others, and to build the community of freedom that Liebusters is known for. It's an honor, a privilege, and a blessing!  - Bralynn

 The joy of SHO leadership for me has been encouraging and influencing others in the growth I have received within 22:22 and facilitating that growth in others. SHO has given me the opportunity to expand the place for my my tent, let the curtains be stretched and truly strengthen the stakes (Isaiah 54:2) . - Kim

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